Frequently Asked Questions

May 31, 2015
Is temporary rental allowed in Amsterdam?
It is permitted in Amsterdam to temporarily rent out your house for long term (expat) or to tourist for max 30 nights per year, to a maximum of four people at a time. With a short-stay or bed and breakfast permit, you do not have this maximum tourist rental period. The rules are different outside of Amsterdam. We are happy to inform you about this.

Do I have to pay tourist tax if I rent out my property?
It is legally required to pay tourist tax if you rent out your house to tourists. In Amsterdam this is 6% of the price per night. If you rent your property through BnB-Beheer, this will be automatically transferred to the municipality of Amsterdam, you will not have to worry about this. Outside of Amsterdam it usualy goes different. For example you have to pay a fixed amount per person.

Do I have to pay income tax if I rent out my property temporarily?
You have to pay income tax every year. Income by temporary rental is counted as income as well, but not the full amount. A buffer has been built in for expenses that you incur as a lessor. That is why you only have to state 70% of the income, the remaining 30% is exempt. If you do not perform any work yourself (because we rent it out for you) there are possibilities to have the rental income tax-free in box 3.

Is there a minimum or maximum rental period?
You can rent your house to tourist from 2 days. There is a maximum rental period of 30 days per year in Amsterdam to temporarily rent out your property to tourists without a permit. Do you want to know if a permit is interesting for you, then let yourself be informed about the options. We are happy to advise you. For long term rental there is a minimum of 3 months per tenant.

Do you also rent out an unfurished house
An unfurbished property is not suitable for short stay/tourist rental, but long term is. Offcourse can an unfurnished house be furnished. Ask us about the options.

What can I earn if I rent out my property?
There is no fixed price for renting out your property. The revenues depend on the location, the facilities and how many people can stay there. You usually earn on average 150% to 300% more than regular rental.

What does it cost to outsource temporary rentals?
At BnB-Beheer you as a landlord do not incur costs, only income. You can choose to receive a fixed monthly amount, or we charge a percentage of the revenue. Experience shows that the percentage option has always more profit. Discover how much your property can earn.

How should I deliver my property?
We assume that the apartment is clean and ready for rent. However, you do not have to do this yourself, we can also do this for you. Provide enough towels for guests and always an extra set of towels. The same applies to the bedding. Make instructions for using equipment, including the WiFi and TV codes. Furthermore, at least 2 keys of the house are needed to manage it.

Am I insured if something happens?
If damage occurs due to the actions of the guests, you are insured for this through our partner websites. For example, you are insured up to € 800,000 through Airbnb and up to € 500,000 through Wimdu. Their conditions apply to this. For long term rental the responsibility lies with the tenants, but we always have a deposit to cover most costs.

What is the procedure for damage or theft?
We always inventory the property before we start renting. We then look at the condition of the house and the contents. After each stay we check the house to see if there is damage and / or theft. If this is the case, we will act immediately.

Are there requirements for fire safety?
To be able to rent out the property to tourists, it must live up to the fire safety requirements. This means that there are enough smoke detectors present, the maintenance of your gas stove is good and there is an escape route.

Can I cancel the rental if I changed my mind?
If there are no bookings, it’s not a problem. But if there are guests arriving, the rental cannot simply be canceled. If there is urgency, the property can of course be removed from the rental in consultation. Depending on the number of outstanding bookings, there are costs involved.

Can I enter my house while it's rented out?
We make privacy agreements with guests, which is why it is not possible to just go inside if they are staying there. In case of urgency, this is of course possible in consultation. If no guests are staying at the moment, you can simply enter your home in consultation. Should the house be available on certain days, for example for viewings, let us know in advance so that we can block the calander on those days.

How do I know when the property is rented?
You can view the bookings online. You will receive login details for this, so that you always have insight.

Can I trust the guests?
When starting the collaboration, we create a desired guest profile. Guests are checked for this with every booking. We only accept guests who fall within the profile and who come through the selection based on prior communication and our experience. Guests must also accept the house rules in writing before booking. If, despite this procedure, there is a nuisance, we always take this seriously and act immediately.

Do my neighbors need to be informed?
Your neighbors will probably notice that you are renting out your property. It is therefore advisable to tell this in advance, to prevent uncertainties. In this way you often provide more understanding should there be a nuisance for some reason. If desired, we provide our contact details for urgent matters. If you are a member of an Owners’ Association, they must grant approval for short stay rentals.

What happens with my mail?
Incoming mail is always collected and can be sent if desired.

Is there a general number for questions?
Offcourse you can contact us via this site. You’ll get 1 point of contact for all your questions. This is usually the same person who also maintains contact with guests. That way he or she knows what is going on.