How much do I earn?

May 31, 2015

Earn well with expats and / or Airbnb in Amsterdam and surroundings

Verdienen Airbnb in AmsterdamRental out via Airbnb or temporary rental to expats in Amsterdam and the surrounding area is lucrative. There are different providers for short-stay, but Airbnb is currently the most interesting around Amsterdam. Partly because of their landlord guarantee up to 1,000,000 euros. How much you can make depends on the location and the kind of apartment you rent out. On average, an apartment in Amsterdam earns around 100 euros per night through Airbnb, but we are usually above that. With temporary rental you can request an average of 1,500, depending on location, condition and supply & demand. We arrange everything for you, from account management to check-in / key transfer and cleaning. We always work on no cure, no pay base. Relax and put your legs up, we ensure that your bank account gets filled.

Airbnb rental:

20% commission

There are no costs in advance, 20% of your rental income is deducted for managing the (Airbnb) listing, checking in the guests etc. This method actually always earns the most for you. You can check 24/7 the bookings and earnings.

Example: say you have an apartment where 4 people can stay on Raamstraat. You rent it out for 2 months with a 20% commission. The apartment delivers an average of € 165 per night and it is 90% rented out. Then the apartment generates € 4,455 per month. The commission on this is 20% of € 4,455 = € 891, on which you have to pay € 187.11 VAT. In those 2 months you will earn € 6,753.78!

Fixed amount per month

With this method you’ll have the Guarantee of a fixed amount per month and the enjoyment of full-service management. Because of the risk percentage that is included in the amount, you almost always leave money here.

Example: say you have a nice apartment with roof terrace for 2 on the Jan Haringstraat. You rent it out for 1.5 months during your holiday in Asia for a fixed amount of € 2,100 per month. The apartment generates an average of € 112 euros per night and is 86% rented out. You will receive € 3,150 in this month and a half. The apartment has delivered € 4,478.88, which means Bnb-Beheer has received 29.7% of the amount. With a 20% commission you had earned € 3799.65, but not the certainty of the income.

Temporary (expat) rental

17.5% commission

No substantial costs that you have to pay in advance, but a commission that is deducted from the rental amount. So no cure, no pay, we think that’s fair. We handle everything for you, from publishing advertisements and screening tenants to viewings, key transfer and a good clean at the end.

* The commission is based on a minimum rental period of 3 months, if you want to rent for a shorter period, ask about the possibilities .


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