What does Airbnb & expat service in Amsterdam and surrounding mean?

May 31, 2015

The advantage of Airbnb / expat service in and around Amsterdam

Airbnb service in Amsterdam

Airbnb in Amsterdam and the surrounding area we know, but what is expat or Airbnb service? What we do is actually: make sure that your home earns money for you , if you are not staying there yourself. Renting out your house via short-stay such as Booking.com, Wimdu or Airbnb, or long term via Pararius or Funda is interesting, but there are rules and conditions attached to it. especially in Amsterdam. And who checks in the guests or tenants when you are not there? Well, that’s what we do! Without you noticing it, we earn back the money from your holiday or mortgage (in part, in full or even double).

A good listing is worth money

The listing is one of the most important elements in temporary rental. The guests or tenants use this as a base on whether they want to stay there or not. An optimized listing quickly generates many more visitors. We create an listings on Airbnb or other providers and use special techniques to tempt visitors to book. We screen the tenants or guests, check them in or schedule viewings. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Get the most out of your house

What is the best price for your apartment ? If you ask too much, people will click away, but if you ask too little, you will lose money. Through our experience with temporary rental and by continuously responding to the times and he seasons, we ensure optimum returns.

Only good people in your house

You want your guests or tenants to handle your belongings carefully and not to stamp on the stairs too hard, so the sweet lady from below wakes up. Airbnb and other sites often have reviews about guests, but not always. By asking smart questions and making use of years of experience, we find good guests and / or tenants for your house. Before we start with the temporary rental of your property, we first create together a guest profile and have a look at the house rules.

Warm welcome, fresh sheets

The time is there: your guests arrive for their holiday or the expats for their work in your house. No better welcome than a warm welcome. We show them the house, provide tips about the neighborhood and make sure the beds are made. The apartment still smells of lavender, because the cleaner has just cleaned. When the guests or tenants leave, we check the property and clean it again for the next occupants or of course when you return home yourself.

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