Edam – Volendam

September 6, 2018


Volendam, the most beautiful and cozy fishing village in the Netherlands. Loved by tourists for years. And Edam, of course, known for its delicious cheese and the picturesque center. There is therefore an increasing demand for genuine hospitality from these places.

Airbnb service in Volendam and Edam without worries

Everybody knows that Edam and Volendam are popular for tourists. But did you know that it is not only reserved for hotels? As a homeowner, you can earn nice money and give the tourists a great experience without having to do anything for it yourself. More and more tourists prefer a home through Airbnb instead of a hotel or hostel. Are you going on holiday, a weekend away, or have you not been living in your home for a while? A shame if it is empty, especially because many people would like to find out why you love living there and are happy to pay for it. A lot of work? No, we take everything out of your hands: we create a listing and manage it, screen guests to see if they are reliable, give the guests a personal tour of the house and tell any special hings, answer questions and ensure that everything is neat and cleaned when you coming home again. Your bank account will be filled without you realizing it.

What does the service mean?

The Airbnb service is a full service service. We take care of everything from A to Z: account management, screening, communication, check-in and cleaning. If there is a request, we carefully examine what kind of people want to stay in your home.

While you are on the beach drinking your cocktail or just staying elsewhere, we rent out your home and arrange everything. Come home to a wonderfully fresh and tidy house with a nice amount in your bank account, which may pay your entire holiday back.

How much can my property yield?

Discover how much you can earn with your home and ask for a free value request.


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